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Democrats Support Harris and Chico

In just a few hours we will tune in to watch Senator Kamala Harris represent the Democratic Party at tonight's Vice Presidential Debate. It is inspiring to see a woman of color making history at the national level but like Kamala, I am also running to be the first woman of color to represent Area 4 on the Long Beach College Board. I am also the only candidate endorsed by our Democratic Party.

Electing more women to office on all levels of government, across our nation, is crucial in advancing gender justice and gender equality. It is the only way we will try achieve social, economic, and political progress for all.   

I am proud to have also earned the endorsements from the Democratic Women’s Study Club of Long Beach and the Long Beach Young Democrats. 

As a lifelong Democrat, I would be humbled to have the support from my fellow Democrats. I'm reaching out to you today to ask for your support with a contribution of $5, $10 or $25. Your contribution will further help in my campaign to reach voters. You can make a contribution HERE.  

I can't thank you for your support enough. Let's win this, together. 

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