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City of Long Beach Parks
and Recreation Commission

Our parks and open spaces are more than just green spaces. They are the heart of our community and a reflection of our city’s values. That’s why I'm proud to have supported several items as a Commissioner to expand opportunities for local artists and small businesses in these beloved areas of the City. By featuring more local art and businesses, we can create a vibrant and diverse atmosphere that will enhance the experience for park-goers and foster a stronger sense of community. Moreover, these initiatives continue to boost our local economy by supporting small business growth. By working together to support our local artists and businesses, we can make our parks and open spaces even better.

Co-Chair of the Mayor’s Animal Care
and Visioning Task Force

As a Co-Chair of Mayor Robert Garcia’s Animal Care and Visioning Task Force, our mission was to bring about positive change for shelter animals. Through our community outreach efforts, we developed the Animal Care Services Strategic Plan, which has paved the way for a significant FY24 Budget allocation. This allocation will go a long way in improving shelter animals' living conditions and providing them with the care they deserve. Take a moment to learn more about the plan by clicking the link below. Together, we can make a difference!

Gateway Cities Council of Governments
During my six-year tenure as a voting member of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, I represented the 4th District and Supervisor Janice Hahn. We approved various policies and programs, including the creation of the Gateway Cities Affordable Housing Trust. This trust is a Joint Powers Authority that advocates for the subregion's fair share of state, regional, and local funding for projects that help meet affordable housing needs. Additionally, I approved the Gateway Cities Regional Broadband Master Plan, which aims to increase mobility, educational opportunities, and workforce development for the region's 2.1 million residents and 76,000 businesses.
City of Long Beach
Mental Health Advisory Group

I played a critical role in advocating for better collaboration among multi-jurisdictional agencies. My efforts helped identify the challenges and opportunities within the system, leading to the creation of the Mental Health Report. This report serves as a comprehensive roadmap, outlining the necessary changes, services, and resources required to improve the mental health landscape in Long Beach. Thanks to my dedication and hard work, Long Beach is now better equipped to address its residents' critical mental health needs. Learn more about the plan at the link below.

Lower LA River Master Plan
Working Group
The Working Group consisted of elected officials and executive-level members from local cities, regional agencies, and community organizations that served the river corridor. We provided input and direction for the Lower LA River Revitalization Plan, which aimed to reduce flood risk, restore natural features, and increase access to open space, housing, and small business opportunities along the Los Angeles River. Over the course of almost two years, we held 22 public meetings and 58 committee meetings to gather feedback and design a truly collaborative and inclusive process. Learn more at the link below.
Chair of the Watershed
Conservation Authority
I was honored to serve as the Chair of the Watershed Conservation Authority, where I had the privilege of approving millions of dollars for various projects aimed at promoting urban greening, wilderness conservation, and wildlife protection. I was passionate about my work and actively lobbied local legislators to expand the WCA’s boundaries, in order to open up more funding opportunities for restoration projects. Thanks to my leadership, the WCA was able to make a meaningful, positive impact on the environment, and I am proud of what we were able to achieve.
Long Beach YMCA Community Development Branch Board
It is crucial to create opportunities for our young people to explore different parts of our community. I feel fortunate that I was able to help give underprivileged youth an unforgettable experience through my extensive network of community leaders and organizations. By connecting them with a chance to visit and discover Catalina Island, I offered them a unique opportunity to see and do things that they may not have been able to do otherwise. The experience was both fulfilling for me and the youth, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact in our community.
American Association of University Women, Long Beach Branch
Conservation Corps of Long Beach Advisory Board
I initiated and led efforts to connect with the County of Los Angeles for riverbed projects, including one at Dominguez Gap Wetlands. Through my leadership, a strong partnership was established, resulting in the implementation of a significant project aimed at preserving and restoring the ecological balance of the Dominguez Gap Wetlands. This project has had a positive impact on the environment and the community, and I am proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing it to fruition.
One of my priorities as an Executive Board Member was to diversify our branch membership and panel discussions. In doing so, I recognized that there were women who were unable to participate due to financial constraints actively. To address this, I proposed and implemented an innovative scholarship program that has since enabled women from all backgrounds to join us in our mission. Together, we have created a more equitable and inclusive community, where everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute and thrive.
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