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Investing in Public Safety
& Reducing Crime

Safety is the cornerstone of a thriving city. Herlinda will work to ensure that residents in the Fourth District and throughout Long Beach are protected and respected. She supports robust and community-based policing that maintains the trust of the public. Additionally, she believes we must provide our public safety and emergency response teams with the tools to protect our community while increasing transparency, accountability, and training.

Protecting Our Environment

The 4th District is home to over 1,000 acres of parks and open space, the largest of any district in Long Beach, and represents the most extensive stretch of the San Gabriel River, which feeds into our wetlands and bay areas. We must continue developing strategies that protect our environment, transition away from oil, and provide opportunities for residents to enjoy our open spaces. This includes advocating for funding for the City’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) specifically. I would prioritize Air Quality Action Items AQ3 & AQ4, identifying funding for the development of the Long Beach Airport Sustainability Plan and electrifying small local emitters like lawn and garden equipment and outdoor power equipment. Additionally, we must continue to focus on our transition away from oil within the City Budget.

Compassionate Action to
Address Homelessness

Herlinda is dedicated to tackling homelessness with compassion and practical solutions. She will work to expand funding for the Mobile Access Center street team, providing ongoing services to those affected by homelessness directly in our community. It is also critical that Long Beach collaborate with federal, state, and county partners to secure more housing vouchers and increase their funding. She will also strengthen resources for the Long Beach Health and Human Services Department to prioritize public health.

Fixing Our Broken Infrastructure

According to the City of Long Beach’s Index on Streets, the 4th District has one of the highest number of streets in poor and failing condition anywhere in the City. The vast majority of our neighborhood streets rank at 40% or below out of a score of 100%. We know that when our surface-level infrastructure begins to fail, the systems in place underground also suffer, such as water and gas, which contributes to higher bills due to inefficiencies. It is imperative that we ensure we take care of these basic quality-of-life responsibilities.

Short Term Rentals

The recent violent incidents in the 4th District highlight the importance of having a local leader who will be proactive and not reactionary to complex challenges within the community. The regulations around short-term rentals need to be more restrictive, especially for off-site owners. Additionally, we need to increase the penalties for owners who take advantage of these policies and bring nuisance parties and guests. Lastly, I would love to work on ways to ensure local police officers are aware of the addresses where short-term rentals are within their beats to keep an eye on the neighborhood during their patrols, similar to how the City of Long Beach treats special events or high-profile locations. 

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